Upgrade to Rollouts Plus

Rollouts lets you get started with feature flags and A/B tests. Build behind a flag, remotely enable and disable it, configure variations and experiment on your flag, all without a deploy. When you're ready to scale, upgrade to Rollouts Plus for access to more control and governance, premium security features, and additional MAUs and collaborators -- so you can grow with Optimizely.

Rollouts Free
Rollouts Plus
Number of Collaborators ? 10 20*
User-Based Roles and Permissions ?
Number of Monthly Active Users (included) ? 100,000 500,000*
Number of Projects ? 1 Unlimited
Number of Concurrent Experiments ? 1 1
Change History ? 7 Days Unlimited
Number of Targeted Delivery Rules (per feature flag) ? 3 rules per feature Unlimited
Online Tickets ? Email Support, 24hr SLA
Account level 2-Step Verification ?
Single Sign-on (SSO) ?
Jira Integration ?
* Option to purchase more

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