Optimizely Digital Experience Platform

Create and optimize digital experiences on every touch point to unlock your digital potential.

The Optimizely Digital Experience Platform is an open, extensible platform providing one consistent foundation behind every digital touchpoint, enabling you to create and optimize a seamless digital journey for your customers.

Provide your customers a ‘best-next’ experience with your brand so that every time your customer digitally interacts with your organization, it’s a better experience than the last.

Benefits of the Optimizely Digital Experience Platform

Get automatically better

We help you optimize based on real-time data and insights with suggestions on content, campaigns, products, and layouts while continuously experimenting along the way.

Start with us without starting from scratch

Like what you're already using? Our solution is easily extensible to your existing technology. When you need even more, we've got the tools to bring you into the future.

Do it all, all in one place

Understand what content you need, easily create it, and expertly optimize it, all in one platform.

What makes up the Optimizely Digital Experience Platform

Content Cloud

Create sophisticated digital experiences quickly and simply

Create compelling, targeted content at a speed and scale that adapts rapidly to changes in the market. Deliver content through apps, sites, and any touchpoint. Rest easy knowing you are secure, compliant, and earning customers’ trust.

Commerce Cloud

The complete set of capabilities​ to provide a buying experience your customers will love

Our solution is fully integrated and specifically designed for modern ecommerce, content, merchandising and marketing. And because it’s built on the cloud, it’s easily extensible to your existing technology so you can get started, without starting over. Build compelling buying experiences that will keep your customers coming back again and again.

Intelligence Cloud

You know your customers, so should your digital experience platform

Everyone is unique. Customers expect to be treated as such. Deliver tailored recommendations, 1:1 personalization, and test what works for each individual. Customers get what they need, and you do too. Results continually get better, automatically.

No more tagging or profiling, our advanced AI automation makes it easy to test, learn and deliver the exact piece of content or product your customer needs, as an individual - at scale. Let our machines do the work so you can get back to building yours.

Full Stack

Move from guesswork to guidance

A feature management platform built with experimentation at the core. Easy code deployment so engineers can make every feature on your roadmap an opportunity to learn. Prove the impact of new features, performance improvements, or backend changes before rolling out to everyone.

Over 9,000 brands worldwide have chosen Optimizely to unlock their digital potential

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Our CMS was inflexible and we had significant stability concerns and challenges with being able to update pages. We decided to make the leap to Optimizely (formerly Episerver) and it was a fantastic decision.
Nicole Erickson
Nicole Erickson

Director of Marketing Operations & Technology - Applied Systems

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