One comprehensive solution for targeting, testing and recommendations to create the ultimate system of differentiation

Digital teams are now able to build experiences that get smarter the more customers use them.

With purpose built recommendation engines for content and products paired with a best-in-class web experimentation platform that’s deployable on any Content Management System or Commerce platform, Optimization-as-a-Service is designed to deliver the best digital experience for your customers.

Drive outsized results

Innovate and delight

Best-in-class web experimentation meets purpose-built AI recommendation engines for content and commerce.

Realize value fast

Deploy on top of any content management system or commerce engine with our client-side JavaScript solution.

Improve outcomes

Measure outcomes of different options, allowing you to orchestrate unique digital experiences for each customer at scale.

Solve for ‘Who’


Marketer-friendly UI offers a simple way to execute sophisticated personalization strategies.

Behavioral targeting based on out-of-the-box attributes such as location, new/returning, UTM parameters.

3rd party integrations supported via one-click integration to popular data management platform/customer data platform solutions.

AI-based segments provides interest-based segments derived from real-time interactions.

Solve for ‘How’


Experimenting and testing new design elements with your customers results in winning experiences. Identifying patterns in your design, that customers respond to, helps to increase your desired outcomes. Combine your creativity and art with data-driven science and experimentation to build the optimal customer experience.

Solve for ‘What’


Leverage AI-powered content recommendations to deliver personalized experiences to each visitor based on her unique interests or supercharge your merchandising strategies with AI-powered product recommendations to accelerate each customer’s path to purchase.

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