Experiment at scale with the most performant platform

The most successful digital companies test every aspect of their customer experience. From design to code, experimentation results in the best outcomes. Optimizely enables you to test, learn, and innovate at scale without sacrificing performance.

Speed matters

Your website speed impacts key business metrics like cart abandonment, conversion rates, and ultimately revenue. Digital products need to be fast to succeed because performance is a critical part of the user experience. Optimizely gives you the best solutions to choose from depending upon your performance priorities and resources whether you are running your website as a traditional CMS or a SPA website.

Run blazing fast web experiments with Performance Edge

Experimentation and website speed are both critical to success in the digital world. Now you can grow your client-side testing program without worrying about latency. Performance Edge makes experiments run faster by processing in the edge (CDN) rather than in the browser. With a median load time of 50 milliseconds (faster than the blink of an eye), Performance Edge enables your experiments to run more efficiently than ever before.

Experiment performantly across your applications

Optimizely Full Stack powers experiments and feature management in performance-critical code paths for web, mobile, and server-side applications. Our SDKs allow you to manage features and conduct experiments in microseconds. Without costly external network requests, there is virtually no impact on latency. Whether you have a traditional CMS or a SPA website events can be batched and sent asynchronously.

Innovating for performance

At Opticon19 we introduced Performance Edge, created to make experiments run faster without hindering your ability to test, learn, and launch successfully. Watch the video and learn how to keep the value of your experiments higher than the performance cost of delivering them.

Optimizely Performance Edge allows us to scale our CRO program without slowing down our site.
Alex Wald
Alex Wald

Growth Hacker, BiggerPockets