Scale your experimentation

Optimizely Program Management helps your team increase experiment velocity by up to 5X with new tools for ideation, collaboration, and program reporting.

Harness experimentation velocity with 5X the yield

Today’s industry-leading companies experiment across every customer touchpoint. With Optimizely Program Management, you can scale experimentation across your entire organization and increase the velocity of your program by up to 5X through improved collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Ideate, prioritize, and build experiences more effectively

Teams enable different groups across your company to collaborate more effectively with an integrated hub for capturing ideas, prioritizing projects, and managing experiments.

Program Management - Ideas

Get powerful insights into your program

Understand how your experimentation program is performing across all your teams and touchpoints with a new executive dashboard. With Program Reporting, you can track velocity and win rates over time, uncover new insights, and improve governance and oversight across your organization.

Program Management - UI

Supercharge your experimentation team

See how Optimizely Program Management can help you you manage your program across the entire expertimentation lifecycle.

See how Intuit uses Optimizely to scale its experimentation program

Attend our on-demand webinar to see Program Management in action and to learn how Intuit scales their experimentation program.

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