Ship faster and prove value with less risk

Rollouts helps you release confidently with free feature flags and rollouts. Remotely update features without deploys and quantify impact using A/B tests. Built on our Full Stack platform.

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Reduce risk and recover faster from failure

Say goodbye to messy rollbacks and hotfixes. Instead, use feature flags to roll out to a small percentage of users to reduce risk and fail safer. If you detect errors, performance spikes, or user backlash, just switch off the feature toggle to roll back - all without redeploying code. Rollouts make your release process more resilient.

Prove value with experimentation

Experiment on your feature flags to ensure that you are building features that deliver value. With real-time results, your team can make smarter decisions with statistically sound data.

Roll out and test features on any device

Deliver better user experiences on every channel including websites, mobile apps, backend logic, conversational interfaces, and more. Confidently roll out and test everything from new pricing on your website to push notifications opt-in for your mobile app to a new feature for an Alexa voice skill.

Test new features in production before rolling out broadly

Innovate faster by validating new features with a percentage of your users or key segments before rolling out to everyone. No code deploy needed. Free up engineering time by allowing business users to grant access to features to early access or beta customers.

Manage all of your features in one place

Optimizely Rollouts comes with an easy-to-use interface to help you release features quickly while providing visibility and enabling collaboration across teams. Reduce the burden on DevOps and QA, and stop managing rollouts in config files and using spreadsheets to track.

Build on our platform

Building and maintaining feature management can be a hassle. Instead of building from scratch, extend our platform to fit your needs by customizing our open-source SDKs. We provide an easy user interface while handling maintenance, documentation, language support, and user permissions.

Better continuous delivery with Rollouts

Stop dealing with painful merge conflicts. Move away from long-lived feature branches and start adopting feature flags for greater development velocity, safer code deployments, and increased developer productivity.

The most fully featured, free feature flag platform

  • Feature flags

    Separate code deploy from feature release. Easily turn features on or off with feature toggles.

  • Experimentation

    Run A/B tests on your feature flags to quantify the impact of new features and optimize existing features. Run 1 concurrent experiment at a time.


    Integrate rollouts with your development workflow to manage feature flags at scale.

  • Remote configuration with cloud dashboard

    Remotely configure your flags and experiments in our UI. Powerful feature variables, enable you to parameterize your app and update features on the fly.

  • Staged rollouts

    Test and learn by rolling out first to a small set of users, then ramping up over time.

  • Roll out everywhere

    Optimizely Rollouts provides SDKs for most web, mobile, and server-side languages that easily integrate with your codebase.

  • Target rollouts by audience

    Easily run betas and target feature access to specific markets, pricing plans, and languages. Specify traffic and configurations by audience and development environment.

  • Support for multiple environments

    Manage rollouts and experiments across development, staging, production and custom environments.

Frequently Asked Questions about Optimizely Rollouts

For more in-depth FAQs, read our Developer FAQs.

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  • Building a culture of experimentation in product development is hard. Our ambition is to make it easy. It can be an uphill battle to change an organization’s culture, especially if it costs a lot of money upfront. That's why we're launching Optimizely Rollouts for free. Because we believe rolling out features is just a step on the journey to experiment-driven product development, we want to help every company work this way. As companies mature, the next step on the journey is embracing A/B testing as part of the process of rolling out features. We’ve built Rollouts on top of our paid Optimizely Full Stack platform so you can do just that. If you want to learn more about why we built Optimizely Rollouts, read this blog post by our founder, Dan Siroker. You can create your account here.

  • Our free rollouts plan uses the same CDN, SDKs and the same infrastructure for its cloud-based interface as our paid experimentation solution, Optimizely Full Stack.

  • Some organizations do choose this route. However, we've seen that teams often struggle to invest sufficiently in their in-house or open-source feature flagging solution to ensure that it's up-to-date, bug-free, and well documented. When the primary owner of the solution changes roles or leaves the company, there is often a scramble to figure out how to maintain the solution. Companies that adopt Optimizely Rollouts can be confident that we’ll actively maintain Rollouts and provide comprehensive documentation.

    Additionally, in-house systems are often lack easy-to-use interfaces and support for multiple levels of permissions. Optimizely Rollouts comes with a straightforward, cloud-based interface for managing feature flags and rollouts, multiple permission levels, and a Jira Integration to provide visibility across teams.

  • Rollouts is the free plan for Full Stack intended for startups and teams looking to get started with feature flags and A/B tests. Rollouts and Rollouts Plus both come with a subset of Full Stack features, including unlimited feature flags and controlled rollouts, and the ability to run one experiment at a time.

    Teams ready to manage feature flags across more users and applications can upgrade to Rollouts Plus for paid access to additional collaborators and MAUs, tools for governance and security, technical email support, and unlimited Targeting Rules, Projects, and Change History. Compare Rollouts and Rollouts Plus here.

    Paid Full Stack plans, which remove the one concurrent experiment limit, offer a more robust feature set along with best-in-class support and services for organizations with more stakeholders invested in increasing experiment velocity and feature delivery. Compare Rollouts and Full Stack plans here.

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