Delight your customers with the world’s fastest experimentation platform

Test on pages with strict performance requirements. Improve conversion rates on landing pages, product detail pages, mobile websites and in your checkout funnels.

Deliver better customer experiences with experimentation

Test your ideas, whether it's a new headline, new campaign, or new offer. Optimizely was built to enable marketers like yourself to quickly validate messaging and personalize experiences. Marketers today make far too many decisions based on guesswork. Optimizely gives you the tools you need to make data-driven decisions in real time.

IBM uses Optimizely to power its digital transformation

Marketers at IBM use Optimizely to gain clarity in their campaign messaging and product launches.

Optimizely works throughout all the revenue-critical parts of your business:

  • Create with clicks, not code

    Experiment with different copy variations and test imagery without writing a single line of code.
  • 5x conversion rates

    From testing the CTA to the number of form fields, there's always an opportunity to reduce friction.
  • Personalize at scale

    Easily segment by persona, industry, or other attributes to deliver a relevant experience.
  • Reduce high-cost customer interactions

    Improve low-cost customer support channels to reduce support activity.
  • Increase ROI of overall marketing spend

    Complement advertising with onsite optimization to maximize ROI.
  • Improve the customer journey

    Experiment and personalize across your site and across devices to drive more conversions.

37 Winning Experiments

Not sure where to start? Want to see what leaders in the industry are doing today? Whether you are looking for proven strategies, fresh inspiration, or solid ideas, The Big Book of Experimentation will equip you with fresh perspectives and new experiment ideas.

charity: water boosts donations with Optimizely

charity: water is a nonprofit organization on a mission to bring clean and safe drinking water to every person in the world. Using Optimizely and behavioral economic theory, they experimented with "anchoring" visitors to a suggested donation amount. Read this case study to learn how experimentation helped them drive millions of additional donation dollars.

Case study_Charity Water
Insights from Optimizely have helped us radically raise more money—millions and millions of dollars online over the years.


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