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Through experimentation and personalization, you can deliver experiences that capture your audience's attention. From optimizing subscription pricing to surfacing the most compelling content, Optimizely helps you grow and retain your audience.

Deliver content your users can't ignore.
Entertainment that is personal, relevant, engaging.

Today, content is just a Google search away. Telecoms let us stream right to our phones, enabling pioneers like Netflix to offer endless personalized entertainment at a fraction of a cable bill. Media companies, new and old, need to lean into these trends to survive. Experimentation ensures your success in this competitive media landscape.

Peter Gray, Director of Optimization at the Wall Street Journal on the power of Experimentation

The Wall Street Journal uses experimentation to increase their readership and promote their online subscription offerings.

Experiment everywhere, from your subscription packages to front-page headlines

  • From casual reader to subscriber

    Experiment with different offers, packages, and messaging to attract paying customers.
  • Build an engaged and loyal following

    Personalize content and new features to create active members.
  • Maximize onsite ad revenue

    Try new placement tactics to ensure maximum viewability.
  • Measure the value of premium content

    Learn which pieces of content resonate with your audience and drive more revenue to your business.
  • Personalize across channels

    Your customers expect a tailored experience. Now you can give it to them. Optimizely enables you to turn your data into action.
  • Discover which headlines convert the best

    Simple headline testing will help you drive up readership.
  • Perfect content gating and paywalls

    Experiment with new tactics to engage potential customers via content previews or time-based trials.
  • Win in the subscription economy

    Making a digital transformation is not easy. Optimizely helps uncover the insights needed to win in the subscription era.

Discovery Channel Optimizes Digital Engagement and Ad Viewability

Discovery Communications uses Optimizely to improve their online visitor experience and drive revenue by optimizing video engagement and improving ad viewability.

Case study_Discovery
The faster you can test, the less likely you are to waste time in development or push something out to the audience that’ll have negative impact.
Todd Northcutt

VP - Product

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