Build a better product today, with experimentation

Roll out new features confidently. Test small UI changes and functionality to increase adoption. Run tests on just a small percentage of your user base and apply only the changes that work. This is the new way to create great products.

Test and learn at every step of your product lifecycle

Go beyond website A/B testing and experiment throughout your technology stack. Experiment on any platform from server-side applications, websites, mobile apps and even communication platforms like SMS, chatbots, and voice assistants. Validate and improve every step in your customer journey from activation, to onboarding, to conversion.

Here’s why Optimizely is essential to the future of StubHub

StubHub uses Optimizely to validate ideas and empower decision making across the company. Everybody in the company now has a framework with which to test and share their ideas.

Adopt experimentation now, for significantly better customer satisfaction. Or be left behind by digital leaders who do.

  • Launch new features confidently

    Test features as rollouts, to validate your hypothesis and monitor your key business metrics.
  • A new approach to redesigns

    Test entirely new site or app designs before you launch them, without any performance impact to your customers.
  • Never again guess at customer requirements

    Get early feedback from small subsets of your audience that help define your roadmap.
  • Enhance performance metrics

    Test APIs, microservices, clusters, and architecture designs to improve the performance and reliability.
  • Easily scale experimentation across product divisions

    Test experiences that span mobile devices, over-the-top apps, IoT, conversational interfaces, and other experiences.
  • Experiment with price and sorting algorithms

    Optimize your search results, recommendations, promotions, or any other algorithms to deliver the most relevant content to your customers.

Prove the Impact of Every Product Release

  • Know earlier if you are building the right product with real-time experiment results backed by Optimizely’s class-leading Stats Engine
  • Export any experiment data you want for deeper analysis in your own analytics or BI system
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Eliminate Risk and Be More Confident

  • Decouple product rollout from code push
  • Validate the impact of new features, performance improvements, or backend changes before rolling out to everyone.
  • Push live updates or hotfixes without the need for code deployment
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5X Your Experimentation Program

  • Optimizely Program Management helps you build, scale, and accelerate your experimentation program
  • Democratize experimentation across your organization
  • Prioritize your experimentation ideas
  • Report on how your experimentation program is performing
We had one experiment drive a 95% lift in the adoption of a new feature, and that was the catalyst for the growth team.
Lauren Schuman

Senior Director of Product Insights and Growth

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