Optimize your retail experience

From delivering an experience that's personal and authentic, to curating the right product recommendations, experimentation lets you uncover what's really in fashion.

Make the shift from the traditional storefront to a personalized online experience with ease.

Experimentation isn’t just a chance to keep carts from being abandoned. It's a chance to engage with and get to know your customers innately — the chance to make shopping personal again. Show your customers what they want and nothing more.

Learn how Rocksbox crystallized its business model through experimentation

Rocksbox uses Optimizely to validate new messaging and learn what is resonating with customers. An experimentation process drove changes that reshaped their acquisition funnel and customer experience, resulting in a 99% lift in customer conversion.

Optimizely is the only platform that lets you innovate across both product and marketing:

  • Not just more mobile, better mobile

    Build loyalty and convert sales on any device.
  • Personalize messaging to keep customer's attention

    Quickly and seamlessly execute on consumer data to create meaningful personalized experiences.
  • Create consistent omnichannel experiences

    Let your customers continue their journey from mobile to desktop to email.
  • Reduce checkout churn

    Experiment with simplified checkout flows to increase conversion.
  • Improve efficiency with chatbots

    Reduce operational inefficiencies by experimenting with chatbots.
  • Tailor every experience to user behavior

    Collect trusted, actionable data that points to real consumer wants.
  • Let content be the gateway to every purchase

    Shorten the distance between content that inspires and the shopping cart.
  • From brick and mortar to digital

    Personalize the in-store experience through beacon-based experiments.

How Leading Footwear Brands Keds, Sperry & Merrell Approach Testing

Learn how Wolverine, the parent company of Keds, Sperry, and Merrell, is evolving quickly from brick and mortar presence to a mature digital retailer. In this talk, Wolverine's Head of Experimentation shares lessons learned scaling experimentation across twelve of its brands.

Case study Keds

Vitamix creates a personalized buyer experience to help consumers find the right blender

Vitamix was seeing nearly 80% of its web shopping carts abandoned. To engage return visitors and ensure they converted at checkout, Vitamix suggested a blender that fit the personal needs of each visitor — effectively personalizing every experience. The results are astonishing.

Case study Vitamix
We’re trying to take a stressful, painful experience and make it as easy as possible, and Optimizely helps us do that.


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